About Us

NS Research Advisers are expert database research consultancy. We offer our clients a broad range of database services professionally tailored to suit their needs, helping them by giving them the right contacts to grow their business.


Our History:

Matthew Richards started out as a freelance Business Development planner, based in London UK, his success in supplying credible leads, led to the establishment of a sound business relationships where he felt he was able to play a valuable role in the building his clients business.

An increase in demand for these services has motivated an expansion and we at NS now have a committed team to ensure that we can meet capacity requirement, in addition to expanding our capacity we have two specialized business units namely NS Business development which delivers on a credible and qualified lead base and NS Strategy to the created Lead Base.


Our Mission:

Our objective is to create a customized prospect data base, with accurate and precise qualified data to enable your business to eliminate time consuming activity and resource costs of a full time business development team.